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Connecticut Teams Find Success at Darien Invitational III

The Darien Invitational III was held on October 21st and featured 12 teams from Connecticut and New York. The tournament used DEFT (Darien's Excellent Fall Tournament), a regular-minus difficulty housewrite written by Darien High School's Quiz Bowl team. Connecticut teams participating included Greens Farms Academy, Suffield High School, Wilton High School, and Middlesex Middle School.

West Egg won the tournament in an advantaged final; however, Greens Farms A won the first game of the final 410-285, with Karsten Rynearson powering 6 tossups to force a decider. Wilton went 4-1 in the prelims to make the top bracket and placed 4th overall. Suffield A also placed 5th after a strong performance to make the top bracket. Finally, Middlesex A upset Kellenberg A to make the top bracket and place 6th.

Karsten Rynearson (Greens Farms A) was the top scorer in the tournament, with an astounding 143.00 points per game. Alexander Koutsoukos (Wilton) was second, with 103 PPG. Joseph Rossi (Suffield A) rounded out the top scorers, placing 5th with 61.43 PPG.

Overall, it was another successful tournament for Connecticut teams. We look forward to their continued development during the season!

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