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2018 NAQT Connecticut State Championships

On March 24th, the 2018 Connecticut State Championships were held at Darien High School using NAQT's IS-174 set. Due to several unforeseen last-minute drops, the tournament’s field size ultimately consisted of 6 teams; teams played a double round robin, and a finals round then determined the winner. The schools in attendance included Housatonic Valley High School, Woodland High School, and Wilton High School, who each fielded one team. Darien High School fielded three house teams.

After the first round-robin, the top three teams in the tournament were Darien B, Wilton, and Darien A. Darien B, which consisted of John Phipps, Will Cherico, and Griffin Samroengraja, closely defeated Darien A, as well as Wilton, to finish the first round-robin undefeated. Wilton, which was comprised of Alexander and Lukas Koutsoukos, defeated Darien A and were second in the round-robin. Darien A, which consisted of Julia Tong, Riya Krishnan, and Vincent Xu, were third after their losses to Darien B and Wilton.

The second round-robin rounds then resumed after lunch. Darien A avenged their loss to both Wilton and Darien B, finishing the round-robins with an 8-2 record and securing a spot in the finals. Darien B suffered a defeat to Darien C and, by chance, played Wilton in the final round-robin match of the tournament for a spot in the finals: their narrow defeat of Wilton 300-250 secured their finals spot. Wilton ultimately finished in 3rd.

The final was then a one-game final between Darien A and Darien B, who were both 8-2 following the round-robin rounds. Ultimately, Darien A, aided by 6 negs from Darien B, won the game, and the tournament, 355-165.

In addition to the top teams, the top 5 scorers in the tournament were also recognized. Alexander Koutsoukos from Wilton was the highest scorer, leading the field with 103 points per game. Julia Tong from Darien A was second, followed by John Phipps (Darien B), Alex DelVecchio (Darien C), and Riya Krishnan (Darien A) in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively.

Finally, the tournament marked the first meeting of the Connecticut Quiz Bowl Alliance. Meeting minutes are available under the “Resources” tab of our website; please contact us if you have any questions or input about meetings.

Congratulations to all teams who participated! We wish them the best of luck during the rest of the season and the school year.

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