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The following is a complete list of tournaments in the Northeast area during the 2022-2023 season that teams may be interested in attending, including information about difficulty and set being used as well as registration information. The table is sortable by clicking the headers of each column. The table is currently up to date as of 5/28/22.

list of recommended tournaments for new teams can be found here. If you're starting a team, this is the best place to find tournaments to attend!

For a concise list of tournaments in Connecticut, click here.

For more information about difficulty classifications, please see the note on difficulty below.

A Note about Set Difficulty

The classifications for the projected difficulty of sets being used at tournaments are as follows. 


Regular minus sets are easier than regular difficulty, and are perfect for newer teams to be introduced to the game and gain experience. Novice tournaments run on regular minus sets but have eligibility barriers (e.g. only players playing their first 1-2 years of quiz bowl can play). Regular minus sets include NAQT's A-set series. 

Regular difficulty sets are the normal difficulty of high school sets- about as difficult as NAQT's Introductory Series (IS) sets. 

Regular plus sets are harder than regular difficulty, and are good for more experienced teams to practice. 

Nationals is the highest level of high school quiz bowl, and resembles the difficulty of NAQT's High School National Championships set (HSNCT) or PACE's National Scholastic Championships set (NSC).

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